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AlRasool Islamic Center
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The Holy Prophet [s] said: "O` people! Verily, there is no prophet after me, nor any Ummah after you (Muslims). So, take care to worship your Lord, perform your five ritual prayers, fast in the appointed month (Ramadan), make pilgrimage to the House of your Lord (Mecca), give the alms of your wealth in order to purify your souls thereby, and obey the Holders of Authority, so that you enter the Paradise of your Lord." Khisal-I-Saduq, p. 152
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Dear Believers

Alsalamu Alaycom

Imams (AS) Birthday

Friday, May 22 is 3th of Holy Shaban; one of the greatest day in the world of Islam. This day Allah (S.W.T.) introduced the world with the Noor of Imam Alhusain (A.S.). May Allah (S.W.T.), and Ahlulbaith (A.S.) bless you all at this great occasion! Therefore, helping the needy, poor, widows and orphans, and fasting on this day are highly recommended!

Saturday May 23 is 4th of Shaban is wiladat the standard bearer of imam Husian (AS) Abu-Alfadhil Alabas (AS).

Sunday May 24 is 5th of Shaban is Wiladat Imam Ali Al-Sejad (AS)

The members of Al-Rasool Islamic Center congratulate Imam-Al-Zamana Hujath-Al-Asr Imam Al-Mehdi Alayhisalam on the occasion of Wiladat of his grandfather Hujath-Allah (S.W.T.) Imam Al-Husian Alayhisalam! , willadat Abu-Alfadhil Alabas(AS), and Wiladat his grandfather Imam Ali Al-Sejjad (AS). We invite you to join us Saturday 5/23 at Alrasool Center to celebrate these grate occasions.

The program will include:

8:20 PM Salat Maghreb and Asha
8:45 PM Speech
9:15 PM fund raising
9:45 PM Poem and Mwlood
10:00 PM sponsored dinner

We ask Allah to expand your hearts to do the good dead and may Allah bless, guide, and strengthen you and us and make us all a means for those that will be guided in the future.

Alrasool Islamic Center

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