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AlRasool Islamic Center
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The Holy Prophet [s] said: "Shall I not introduce `a believer` to you? A believer is the one whom other believers trust with their souls and wealth. Shall I not introduce `a Muslim` to you? A Muslim is the one from whose hand and tongue other Muslims are safe.... It is unlawful (Haram) for a believer to do wrong against another believer, or leave him/her in a lurch, or backbite against him/her, or suddenly reject him/her." AI-Kafi, vol. 2, p. 235
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Dear believers

Alsalamu Alaycom

40th Arbaeen Program

We here at Alrasool Islamic Center ask Allah (SW) to shower you and your Family with his peace and blessing. The month of Safar brings along with it a feeling of great sadness and sorrow in the heart of every Muslim. Alrasool Islamic Center will organize one night program this year insha Allah. In behalf of Imam of the Age (the custodian of the program) we would like to ask you and your dear family to join us in commemorating the greave day of the Fortieth (Arbaeen) of Imam Husain (AS) on Wednesday 12/2/2015.

Wednesday 12/2 Program will include:

7:00 PM Quran
7:05 PM Salam, Naee
7:15 PM Lecture
8:00 PM Nooha, Latmyah
8:45 PM Zyarat Alarbaeen
9:00 PM Dinner (Food Sponsored)

AlRasool Islamic Center

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