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AlRasool Islamic Center
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The Holy Prophet [s] said: "On the Day of the Resurrection a caller will announce: "Where are the oppressors and their assistants and those who prepared an inkwell for them or fastened a bag for them or supplied the ink of a pen (for them)? Then, gather these (people) with them!`" Thawabab-ul-`A`mal, p. 309
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Dear Believers

Alsalamu Alaikum

'Every soul shall have a taste of death.' (3:185)

In occasion of Brother Raza Dilawary death anniversary may Allah and Ahlu Albiat bless his soul, Alrasool Islamic Center offers its condolences and prayers to his family and to our community. Brother Dilawari Family would like to invite you to Quranic/Duaa khnah this Saturday, 9/13, 6:00 PM at Alrasool Islamic Center. Dinner will be served. Please recite surat Alfatiha and send it to his soul. May Allah bless you all.

Please note: There will be no impact on the Al-Mahdi school activities.

Alrasool Islamic Center

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